Zack went straight to sleep

I've been looking at getting Zack a sleep system. 

At night he tends to curl up in a foetal position and his hip rolls over to the side. He has always slept on his side at night and probably finds this position the most comfortable. It isn't helping his posture. Some children with Cerebral Palsy require sleep systems to put them into a position to make them more comfortable and to lesson any future damage that could be caused through their posture during sleep.

With this in mind the physio has organised some reps to bring out some sleep systems to look at. The first of which we saw today. It was Peacocks snoooooze system. Take a look at their PDF, if only to see the very, very creepy doll they use to demonstrate the system.

Snooooooze System

Basically then this one is a roll that goes around Zack and between his legs, along with a funny star shaped pillow. 

The rep demonstrated the system using not scary puppet, but scary Zack. 

As if to demonstrate how snuggy and comfy the system was Zack went straight to sleep. No moaning and crying (which he is doing at the moment in bed) but fast asleep. Not bad, not bad at all. Question is though when he is moving about at night and trying to get to sleep he may knock it all off so little unsure about that one. 

The rep left with his sleep system. Undeterred Zack continued to sleep whilst I chatted to the physio. 

Physio left. And Zack opened one eye and then woke up. I see, was this all just a con so he wouldn't have to do any physiotherapy? Sometimes I wonder if his avoidance techniques have gone to new levels.

I'll get him tomorrow, Conductive Education again. I can feel the pout forming already.


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