oh yeah, you're all b@£%^*!s

Our second trip to Rainbow House and Zack was back in the classroom for his conductive education lesson.

This time he decided to pull out the big guns and moan throughout the whole process. At one point he was the only child moaning. He hated it. I think it is now known to him as Torture School. (It's not actually that bad he's just a bit of a whinger sometimes).

This time we decided to try some arm splints on Zack as he tends to keep his bent (arms that is, not splints). The splints wrap around his arm and keep them in a nice straight position. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Cue extra moaning. 
On top of the crying he tried to go to sleep (another trick he uses to get out of things). Nope, wasn't getting out of it that easily, we did some crawling at that point, this woke him up. Again not happy.

When he was sat on his little chair at the table (very cute, reminds me of baby bear waiting for his porridge), he moaned, stopped and looked round at everyone. I think he was plotting how he could murder each one of us. Having forgotten he was crying, he started again as if to say, oh yes, I was protesting about something, what was it now, oh yeah, you're all b@£%^*!s.

Tell you what though, on the way home, not a peep from him. He sat with his arms straight all the way back (no splints, God I'm not that bad), didn't look at me once. I got him out of the car and he would not speak to me. Had his lunch and then went to sleep. 

Later, when he was back talking to everyone, he was really switched on, relaxed and as if to show off he kept his arms straight. Dan then got worried that he couldn't bend them any more. He can, Dan was just being ridiculous.

We have the splints to use at home so he gets used to them. I tried them today. He didn't mind, in fact when he has them on and is lying down his arms go up and out to the sides of him. You can do his overhead stretches very easily. I think he is getting a lot of sensory feedback from wearing them which is in turn making him realise where his arms are in relation to his body. 

Dan came in and saw them on him. Initial reaction was aaaaaah little man. Then it was, well, they are doing him some good aren't they? That's what we need, tough daddy.


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